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Obstacle Running Adventures

Obstacle Running Adventure follows the journey of the MStefano Running team. This team participates in obstacle course races, road running, and everything in between. We strive to push ourselves and others to step outside of their comfort zones and try something new.

Nov 29, 2020

We couldn't get the time to work out for a Quarantine Qorner live video earlier this year but we reached back out to Kirk about coming on our regular show as a guest!

Kirk DeWindt is someone who we admittedly didn't know as much about before listening to The Running Public.  Quickly thereafter, he became one of our...

Nov 23, 2020

We weren't able to go and cover FIT Challenge in person due to it being out of state (where we can't go because of COVID) but we did get to have the women's winner Meg Julian on the show!

Meg is one of our favorite athletes in the Northeast, she is pretty consistent as a podium threat, proud Newbsanity member,...

Nov 16, 2020

With Virtual World's Toughest Mudder happening last weekend we wanted to have someone from the event on to talk about it.  Mike and Katelyn also had an unrelated talk about how they never really had the chance to actually talk with one of the event Zoom hosts Carlo Piscitello despite being in a group message with him...

Nov 8, 2020

Virtual World's Toughest Mudder was this weekend!  We couldn't get too excited for the event but the news about 2021 WTM got us pumped up and Katelyn figured that we should talk about some WTM memories from 2017-2019!

0:00 - 2:21 - Intro

2:21 - 6:45 - Quick News

6:45 - 7:25 - Content Preface

7:25 - 30:13 - World's...

Nov 1, 2020

We hit episode 200 without missing a single weekend!  We have put a mind blowing amount of hours into this show and felt that we should celebrate it in the same way that we did for episode 100 back on October 2nd 2018, by doing it live!

Live content is very different from how we usually record so the setup was a bit...