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Obstacle Running Adventures

Obstacle Running Adventure follows the journey of the MStefano Running team. This team participates in obstacle course races, road running, and everything in between. We strive to push ourselves and others to step outside of their comfort zones and try something new.

Apr 29, 2019

This weekend Mike and Katelyn traveled down to Wildwood, NJ to participate in the Mud Hen Brewing Company Half Marathon, 8k and IPA 5k! Unfortunately the IPA 5k was cancelled due to a tornado warning, but luckily the rest of the weekend turned out to be great running weather!

<p> Listen as Mike runs the 8k and Katelyn...

Apr 22, 2019

A few weeks ago Mike saw a live Facebook video where a man (Jason Mozey) was doing burpees for 12 hours! Jason did this in order to raise awareness to the issue of veteran suicide and it was without a doubt, a success. He fundraised over $7,000 beating his goal by a couple thousand dollars and his live stream videos...

Apr 14, 2019

Mike returns to Citi Field for elite Spartan coverage for the second year! Katelyn helps him get a bunch of interviews with elites, vendors, and all around awesome people!

<p> 0-2:45 - Intro </p>
<p> 2:45 - 9:05 - News </p>
<p> 9:05 - 28:35 - Elites </p>
<p> 28:35 - 47:20 - Vendors </p>
<p> 47:20 - end - Outro...

Apr 7, 2019

Katelyn and Mike spent about 13 hours covering everything FIT Challenge on Saturday so enjoy craptons of interviews with some awesome people so hear why this is a local event that you shouldn't miss!

<p> 0-3:50 - Intro </p>
<p> 3:50 - 7:50 - News </p>
<p> 7:50 - 28:02 - FIT Challenge Elites </p>
<p> 28:02 - 52:05 -...

Apr 1, 2019

Mike drove down to Rhode Island to check out the final Winter Dash put on by BoldrDash! You'll hear from Tim who Mike ran the course with, Susan from Dave's Fresh Marketplace, as well as the founder of BoldrDash herself, Lynn Hall!

<p> Then grab a towel because our crazy AF news is going to blow your mind! </p>