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Obstacle Running Adventures

Obstacle Running Adventure follows the journey of the MStefano Running team. This team participates in obstacle course races, road running, and everything in between. We strive to push ourselves and others to step outside of their comfort zones and try something new.

Nov 25, 2019

Biggest event of the year for us and we will be splitting this into a 3 parter! This is the first time we have split something up so much but what can I say, we went super hard!

Do not panic about the length of this episode! This second part will have about 50 minutes of audio from the 4 hour brunch award ceremony (Mike trimmed it down to just the good stuff)! Following that will be about 2 hours and 15 minutes with awesome people in the Tough Mudder community at the brunch and bar crawl!

<p> 0 - 2:33 - Intro </p>
<p> 2:33 - 4:08 - News </p>
<p> 4:08 - 5:08 - Content Preface </p>
<p> 5:08 - 50:35 - Brunch Ceremony Audio </p>
<p> 50:35 - 2:33:49 - Brunch Interviews </p>
<p> 2:33:49 - 3:09:10 - Bar Crawl Interviews </p>
<p> 3:09:10 - end - Outro </p>

Spartan Stadion Series Winners (maybe it will be updated sometime this week?)

Nominate for Mud Run Guide's Best of OCR 2019

Secret Link

OCR Discord (where you can meet up with people and buy them drinks!)

Our next episode will be our final World's Toughest Episode of the year and you'll hear advice from Javier's Pit Crew while celebrating at the bar crawl, and you'll hear from a very drunk Javier at our Waffle House after party! 

The OCR Report

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