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Obstacle Running Adventures

Obstacle Running Adventure follows the journey of the MStefano Running team. This team participates in obstacle course races, road running, and everything in between. We strive to push ourselves and others to step outside of their comfort zones and try something new.

Mar 20, 2023

With the second ever Savage Race Point Series having its start right around the corner we wanted to have a member of the event team to build up some anticipation for it!

Luckily Lee Stowell was the man for the job!  We talk about his background in the sport (which involves working for Battlefrog, Bonefrog, and even

Mar 13, 2023

The event that we have been talking about for months finally happened and Mike made sure to interview all of the vendors that took the time to come out to it!

Katelyn held down the fort at our own vendor table alongside incredible athletes like Javier Escobar, Vanessa Gebhardt, Kelly Sullivan, Cassandra Carroll,

Mar 6, 2023

We had friend and Patreon supporter of the show Brett Milks on to talk about his experience at the Spartan 3K test event that was held in Jacksonville, Florida!

The change of the Spartan series to the 3K format brings a lot of additional changes other than the race distance.  There is also a laser pistol obstacle, the...

Feb 27, 2023

Tracy Brower reached out to us asking if we would be interested in having a talk about Adventure Racing.  I immediately remembered the excitement that surrounded Ryan Atkins and Rea Kolbl competing in Eco Challenge a few years ago and how humble Coree Woltering was when we met him shortly after the show was released!


Feb 19, 2023

You've heard us talk about it for a while on the show but now we have an episode that goes into more detail about the New England OCR Expo happening on March 11th!

Last time we were just vendors for the event but this year Mike has been on the planning committee working alongside this episode's guest Steve...