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Obstacle Running Adventures

Obstacle Running Adventure follows the journey of the MStefano Running team. This team participates in obstacle course races, road running, and everything in between. We strive to push ourselves and others to step outside of their comfort zones and try something new.

May 6, 2019

Ignore the fact that both Katelyn and Mike are exhausted in this episode because the event itself was awesome ... it just beat us up a bit more than we expected! :-P

<p> You'll hear from some awesome elites, race director Asa Coddington, as well as our own recap of the event! </p>

<p> 0 - 4:30 - Intro </p>
<p> 4:30 - 5:22 - News </p>
<p> 5:22 - 6:45 - Content Preface </p>
<p> 6:45 - 9:05 - Suffering </p>
<p> 9:05 - 9:53 - Winner Announcements
<p> 9:53 - 28:43 - Interviews </p>
<p> 28:43 - 41:00 - Recap </p>
<p> 41:00 - end - Outro </p>

<p> Eli and Nolan leave Tough Mudder </p>

<p> The Warrior Factory </p>

<p> Viking Obstacle Race </p>

<p> OCR Discord (where you can find someone awesome to give you a place to stay before a race) </p>

<p> Next weekend Katelyn will be doing the NAMI Walk in Boston while Mike goes to Charlton to get interviews from the Boston Spartan Sprint!! </p>

<p> The OCR Report </p>

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